Powell River Diversity Initiative Society

The Powell River Diversity Initiative creates, sponsors, and promotes diversity-related projects and programs that increase awareness of diversity, provide diversity education and foster an inclusive and safe community.

Our Vision

That the Powell River community is a welcoming, accepting, respectful, and safe community for all.

Our Values

We believe that diversity is crucial to building and maintaining a vibrant, healthy community where all feel accepted and may contribute to the well-being of the community.

Our Mission

PRDI will create, sponsor, and promote diversity-related projects and programs that increase awareness of diversity, provide diversity education and foster an inclusive and safe community.

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Film #1. Carving Reconciliation, 11:46 minutes
Film linkFilm trailer

Synopsis: Ivan Rosypskye, a Heiltsuk carver and weaver and longtime Powell River resident brings a dead standing tree trunk to life with images of history, spirit, culture and life in Coast Salish territories. While Ivan carves, members of the Tla'Amin Nation, the church, the gardeners, the local neighbourhood,school groups and the communities at large stop by and talk about what reconciliation means. Hard realities of the past and present are faced, and hopes for the future are shared.

Film #2. Cindy and Harry, 2:55 minutes, subtitles
Film link

Synopsis: Moving from Beijing, a massive cosmopolitan city, Cindy and Harry were worried about how their son would adjust to life in Powell River. Seeing him thrive, in addition to being in a down to Earth community, was proof that Powell River was the right city for them. This short film aims to demystify the immigrant experience through identifying on a human-to-human level.

Film #3 After the Welcome, Belonging, 9:25 minutes
Film link

Synopsis: This film asks diverse groups to reflect on what they feel it means to belong in a new community, and what it takes to help facilitate that.  The filmmaker will engage the public through an invitation to participate and put together a collage of people speaking to the question through music, poetry and stories.

Film #4 The Canoe Journey, 2:55 
Film Trailer

Synopsis: In the summer of 2015, the Tla'Amin Nation hosted a regional version of the annual Canoe Journey. 
This film tells the story of the Canoe Journey through the experiences of the participants, whose friendships and shared learning hold valuable lessons about the true history and cultural profundity of the land and waters around us,  and the future that we must all create together with mutual respect and understanding.

Film #5 Fires from the Past: Facing the Future, 5:38 minutes
Film link

Synopsis: While the pages of the Indian Act burn, and Tla’amin Nation enter into a new era of self-government, community members reflect on what this means to them personally and to their collective future.

Film #6 Defining Diversity, 48:17 minutes
Film LinkFilm Trailer

Synopsis: With a mix of honest and compelling interviews, archival imagery and scenes of the town's natural and human landscapes, the film asks and answers questions about who we are as a community and where we are heading. The concept of diversity is opened up and explored as we hear about both the positive and negative experiences of people as they have attempted to find their place in this continually transforming community. 


In January 2005, 30 Powell River residents gathered to talk about multiculturalism and racism. 

As a result, the Powell River Anti-racism and Multicultural Initiative (PRAMI) was created to develop a critical incident response protocol for the Powell River region.  A coordinator was hired and steering committee was established to oversee the project.  The PREP Society administered the project.

PRAMI held the “Welcoming and Valuing Diversity”, an evening workshop, and “Dialogue on Diversity”, a full day forum. Safe Harbour and Safe Harbour Youth Ambassadors were initiated.

In 2008, the scope was broadened and PRAMI became the Powell River Diversity Initiative (PRDI).  The “Diversity Conversations” and the “Talking/Listening Circles” programs were developed and delivered to adults and children in our community.   In 2009/2010 PRDI received funding for 3 projects through WelcomeBC.  PRDI continues to work with our community partners towards creating a community that is more welcoming and celebrates diversity.


PRDI is guided by a Steering Committee whose members represent a broad cross-section of the community.  The Steering Committee is chaired by the Powell River Employment Program (PREP) Society.  The Steering Committee meets regularly  and members are actively engaged in developing and implementing projects that are endorsed by the committee. 

The PRDI Steering Committee and the PREP Society provide ongoing support, guidance, input, and feedback regarding PRDI projects and programs.

For more information, or to find out more about joining the Steering Committee,  please contact PRDI at 604-485-2004 or by email at prdi@prepsociety.org.

  • Join the  Steering Committee. The PRDI Steering Committee includes a cross-section of community members and welcomes those interested in supporting and/or getting involved in PRDI
  • Attend various PRDI events.
  • For information about our current events, please contact 604-485-2004 or prdi@prepsociety.org.
  •  Tell your friends and family about the PR Diversity Initiative.
  • “Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common” (anon); Let’s find ways to celebrate the diversity in Powell River!

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